Health section health topics a-z asthma & respiratory issues bones, joints & muscles cancer digestive conditions heart health mental health pain management vitamins & supplements healthy living active living public health & safety dental health featured conditions allergies cold & flu diabetes skin conditions more ehow home mom style food tech money health featured: halloween allergies ehow diseases & conditions breast cancer miscellaneous breast cancer what is a primary site? can you buy viagra in pattaya X must see: slide shows what is a primary site? order viagra Cancers are named for the part of the body in which they originate. buy viagra singapore The point of origin is called the primary site. can you buy viagra over counter bangkok Doctors must identify the primary site in order to prescribe the best course of treatment. buy viagra in us Other people are reading what is the liberty bowl? viagra online What is the effectiveness of chemotherapy for stage four cancer? Print this article significance when a doctor can identify a cancer's primary site, he can best determine a course of treatment, which varies according to the type of cancer. The treatment for breast cancer, for example, differs from the treatment for skin cancer. Identifying the primary site of the cancer also helps establish surgical options, in some cases allowing removal of the primary tumor and preventing the spread of the cancer. viagra samples Metastasized cancer cancer spreads throughout the body from the primary site. can you buy viagra over counter bangkok This process is called metastasis. viagra buy phone Cancer typically spreads through the lymphatic system. can you buy viagra over counter bangkok When a cancer spreads it may create new tumors in different organs of the body. Breast cancer that metastasizes in the lung, however, is still called breast cancer, not lung cancer. Unknown primary sites according to the national cancer institute, 2 to 4 percent of all cancers have an unknown primary site. These are called cancer of an unknown primary, or cup. Current technology can sometimes assist a doctor in tracing the cancer back to a primary site, but not always. Cups can make diagnosis and treatment more difficult. viagra lilly cares Related searches refe. generic viagra online